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Local Petfood Experts 11th Year

Local Petfood Experts 11th Year

24 / Apr / 2018

Business owner Graeme said the pet store, which he purchased and rebranded 11 years ago, had been operating as a pet store in Spey Street, just along from the current Deveron and Spey Streets location, for more than 25 years and first started its life as Four Paws.

“So we [] have a long history of selling specialised pet food and as well as being able to offer extensive knowledge and nutritional advice.”

About six years ago out-grew their smaller original store and moved to bigger and brighter premises in its current location.

“We knew we needed to provide our customers with a more professional shopping environment that matched the quality of the products and service we were providing, so we moved into our current location on the corner of Deveron and Spey Streets.”

This allowed the locally-owned business to expand the product range as well as offer better deals for their loyal customer base.

The new professional store caught the attention of independent pet group Indepet, who asked to become a member.

“Joining Indepet has been great. Indepet members are all independently-owned pet stores – like us – but we come together to talk to our suppliers about better products and pricing and being able to offer regular deals and everyday low pricing to our customers.”

“Being part of a group means a locally owned store can be more than competitive with the overseas owned corporate stores and still provide the best in local knowledge and service.”


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