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"Quality Pet Products, Huge Range at Low Prices"

Unified In Purpose To Build A Brighter Future.

Large-scale retailing professionals united by a desire to remain independent. These are the Shareholders of Indepet Limited, a unique buying and marketing group serving independent retailers of the trans-Tasman pet care industry.

With the backing of global supplier companies, Indepet was established in 2010 to underpin the survival and prosperity of independent pet care retailers. Indepet is an unlisted public company. Its founders were visionary, progressive business people who shared a vision for a brighter, more prosperous future for fellow independents. Built on a philosophy of full transparency and equal status, Indepet is unique among pet care retail groups. By negotiating directly with supplier and wholesalers, Indepet offers a totally retail- focused, efficient and profitable distribution channel into all key segments of the pet care market. Today, Indepet has a proud reputation for its dynamic leadership of the pet care industry on both sides of the Tasman.
With a rising inde movement sweeping the globe, a prosperous new era is dawning for independent retailers of the trans-Tasman pet care industry. But it hasn’t always been this way! Before Indepet launched in 2010, the corporate sector had come to dominate the Australian and New Zealand companion animal market price. In fact, this domination remains a threat to the many family-run independents who often lack the buying and marketing clout of their corporate competitors. Out of this turbulence, nine of Australia’s more visionary independent retailers came together in July 2010 to confront the challenge. They figured the best way to counter this threat was to harness their own collective power. 
Indepet combines the strategic planning discipline of a corporation with the premium service ethos of an independent group. Indepet has professional focus groups to develop forecasts and sales plans by market sector. As the group expands, it segments more deeply, with dedicated groups to manage all categories. These groups, which offer commercial and technical expertise, attract Shareholders Australia-wide who value the windfalls that come through sales planning and group purchasing. Insights into emerging markets, new products, improved trading terms and group marketing strategies are also highly valued. Since day one, Indepet has been planning and executing professional marketing campaigns; product catalogues, online promotions and publicity, all designed to keep Shareholders competitive. True to its strategy, Indepet is focused on retailing and building great partnerships with all the leading suppliers to the pet care industry.
Some pet care suppliers continue to offer exclusive volume discounts to the corporate retailers, often making it hard for smaller independents to compete at the buying end.
Not so for Indepet Shareholders. The innovative group has been remarkably successful at harnessing the collective power of its membership for commercial gain. In year one, it was the first independent buying group to succeed with central desk negotiations with leading wholesalers and supply companies, greatly improving buying power. Success with collated buying is due to the discipline, confidentiality and professionalism inherent in the group. Negotiating on behalf of Shareholders, Indepet has trimmed its supplier ranks to those who are genuinely committed in the group’s advancement.
Indepet brings bold leadership and intimate knowledge to the trans-Tasman pet care industry. Every year, Indepet Shareholders attend an annual general meeting and shareholder conference with an innovative program designed to keep the group competitive. Through a blend of business and social activity, these conferences spark networks and collaboration among Shareholders and their partners all over the country. World-class speakers share insights on how to manage retail operations more professionally and profitably, reducing risks down the track. Throughout the year, Indepet brings smaller groups of Shareholders and suppliers together for more specialised meetings where they share insights and explore opportunities for mutual growth. Back home the learning continues. The group hosts regular sales and technical training sessions and publishes its own magazine Inside Indepet to champion the independent cause, share ideas and stimulate debate. Tackling issues like sales training, business succession, asset protection and collective marketing, Indepet is a true partner, helping independents.
Owned and controlled by its Shareholders, Indepet is uniquely structured to work for the betterment of all members of the group. Every day, Indepet Shareholders are delivering premium services to their customers; advice on pet selection, nutrition and the latest in vaccination programs. It’s a complete package, delivered in a friendly informative way. This willingness to gather and share knowledge with pet owners of all persuasions is helping Indepet to grow and prosper. 

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