About Indepet

Coming Together

Indepet has established itself as a major player in the Australian and New Zealand pet care industry from a business concept that began in response to rising corporatisation.

Nine independent retailers got together as a group to pool resources and increase their back-end buying power with the creation of a public unlisted company they named Indepet.

Combining purchasing and marketing services with like-minded independent pet care businesses has proved highly successful, with the number of Indepet shareholders growing in less than a decade from first operations.

With Indepet continuously acting on behalf of shareholders for the best retail outcomes possible, independent operators and their staff can feel secure about the future in order to stay focused on premium services.

Indepet’s focus is retail wealth to shareholders, a return that is achieved by applying the strategic discipline of a business to independent operators.

Buying as a group means bigger volumes and increased buying power, resulting in improved sales margins and the ability to negotiate for exclusive and semi-exclusive deals, along with back-end rebates and exclusive products.

Customers benefit from significant bulk-buy savings and the ability for shareholders to choose from a wider range of premium products to suit their local market.

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