Cats - Anxiety, Fear & Phobias

23 / Jul / 2018


Like us, cats can suffer from anxiety. To an extent, anxiety is a normal and necessary part of their lives and gives them the ability to anticipate and avoid problems. Fear is the normal automatic response that prepares the cat to either freeze, flee or fight, depending on the threat. Phobias are an abnormal, excessive and instant response to fear, even when there is nothing to be fearful of.

Responding to threats is vital to a cat’s survival but if your cat is exhibiting fearful behaviour in normal situations, it may require help.

If you recognise a problem, it’s important to visit your vet and talk to them about your cat’s behaviour. Small problems can escalate to more serious anxiety disorders or phobias, which become more challenging and take more time to treat.

For more information click the PDF below and download the fact sheet.


Cats - Anxiety, Fear & Phobias