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Here at Pet Essentials we cater for all your pets and because we have a large range of foods, we are able to work with you to find a food or combination of foods to suit your pet, your lifestyle and your budget.
We don’t recommend a particular brand of food because every pet's needs are different. We do however strongly advise a balanced diet and in the case of cats and dogs, a combination of meats and biscuits. At Pet Essentials you can get a wide range of fresh meats. We also stock a large range of premium foods, biscuits, pet rolls, treats, birdseeds, fish foods and accessories. Frozen meats and minces are prepared to Pet Essentials specifications and contain no preservatives.
We sell cold water fish and we often have kittens, rabbits & guinea pigs in store. There is also a customer notice board, which contains details of pets wanted or for sale/giveaway plus lost and found.

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1343 Cameron Road
Tauranga North Island 3112

Open Hours:
Open 7 Days