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Pet Superstore in the Brisbane suburb of Stafford, Queensland, received a facelift this month with brand new signage gracing its exterior walls.


Indepet Shareholder, Andrew Baker, said the makeover would help his store – which sells everything for pets – to stand out in a crowded market.


“This is the third store we’ve rebadged in line with Indepet’s dual branding guidelines. Our existing signage was due for an upgrade so we are now projecting a more professional image,” said Andrew.


By displaying the Pet Superstore and Indepet brands side by side, Andrew believes his retail operation benefits in several ways.


“Upgrading our signage to incorporate Indepet is letting our customers know that we're proudly independent,” he said.


“The Indepet brand conveys the notion of competitive pricing; it says we’re independent but we’re members of a wider group, trading under a recognisable banner which gives us greater buying power.


“Dual branding is also important for our product catalogues and other promotions, particularly in the eyes of our suppliers who help fund these group initiatives.”


In charge of three stores, Andrew believes there are always ways to improve the appeal of a retail business to new and existing customers.


“We have plans to upgrade our enclosures throughout all stores. How we enclose the animals is an ongoing process that we're always looking to improve,” said Andrew. “Our industry is very competitive so continuous improvement in all aspects of our customer service is important for building our reputation.”


Andrew believes his staff can make a real difference to the customer experience. “We have fantastic employees with great knowledge who are willing to share their thoughts and ideas with customers. That’s obviously a strength we have over the supermarket-model stores," he said.


Regular staff training is another feature of Pet Superstores. “Indepet helps us with customer service and sales training and we provide staff with in-house product training, along with government-funded training where appropriate,” he said.


“There are various sales and management courses available through TAFE that are partially or fully funded which are tailored for small businesses.


“Between our three stores, we have six people completing different courses at present. We also have fortnightly training o.n various pet foods and other products which is an ongoing process.”

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