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Pisces Enterprises Pty Ltd
Pisces Enterprises is Australia’s and the world’s largest combined producer and wholesaler of Aquarium Plants, Live Food, Frozen Feeders and other quality products.   Founded in 1970, Pisces Enterprises quickly became the market leader in the specialty area of live aquarium plants du…
Pisces Natural Product Pty Ltd
Pisces Natural Products (PNP) is a sister company to Pisces Enterprises which has been supplying the Pet Industry in Australia for over 40 years.   As part of a family business with over 120 full time staff we offer the best in customer service and quality products at an affordable p…
Prestige Pet Products
Here at Prestige, we feel a pet product supplier should meet certain standards, so we offer these assurances:   A quality product - Prestige Pet Products carefully creates and selects only the very finest items.   Guarantee - If a product should fail to perform due to an…
TFH (Australia) Pty Ltd
T.F.H (Australia) Pty. Ltd. has been in operation for over 30 years, and remains a leader in the wholesale distribution of pet and aquarium accessories throughout Australia.  Our head office which incorporates our main warehousing facility is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches It i…
Topflite Limited
What makes Topflite so “top”? Well you see, it all starts with a seed. From a limestone littered landscape and its dark & fertile soils, grew the rich history of the Mitchell & Webster families.   From their hands & hearts grew the sunflowers, standing tall and…
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