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Pet City

Pet City

Pet City

224 Wishart Road
Mt Gravatt, QLD 4122

Tel: 07 3349 2086
Fax: 07 3849 4631

Pet City has been servicing the Pet Industry for over 50 years from the suburb of Mt Gravatt in Brisbane, QLD. Pet City Mt. Gravatt began in 1957 as Mt Gravatt Produce Agency. In those days the area was predominantly rural. By the early 70's the area had changed considerably and at this time the name Pet City was adopted. Changes in the area meant more families and therefore more pets and the thrust of the business changed to emphasize the need for pet requirements. During the eighties and nineties other aspects of the old produce business were phased out and Pet City became a totally pet oriented store, catering to all facets of pets and pet care.

We are a full range Pet Dept Store with Departments covering:

• Aquarium (Marine & Freshwater)
• Birds, Reptiles & Unusual Pets
• Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Chickens, Mice & Rats

Pet City is a multi award winner in the Pet Industry and carries a huge range of pet products rarely found in one store. We are also a fully accredited member of PIAA ( The Pet Industry Assn of Australia.). Pet City is now one of the longest standing private businesses in the area and has been family owned since it's inception. Pet City pioneered the concept of a complete pet care centre and the practice of employing specialist staff for each section. With around 40 staff in specific areas, Pet City is able to service all clients with expert knowledge and advice in all areas of Pet Care.

Being part of the community, Pet City enjoys visiting nearby Nursing Homes and Hospitals (at no charge), conducting pet education in local schools. The residents and children get a great deal of pleasure from petting the dogs and cats and in recent years, it has been proven that the petting of animals relaxes people, lowers their blood pressure and improves their sense of well being. Pet City is also heavily involved in fundraising for The Animal Cancer Foundation, Assistance Dogs Australia and Pets In Society with the University of Queensland.

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